China best Flat Mount Pulley near me factory

A flat mount pulley block with double sheave pulley block is used when an application needs multiple sheaves in lifting up a load but no rotation is required in the block which affects the wire rope. It can be mounted using a rod, bolt, shackle or on a custom mounting. flat mount pulley blocks can be used for wire rope, fibrous rope or nylon. Available in zinc electroplated or a stainless steel finish.

Flat Mount Double Wire Rope Blocks feature double sheaves, turned from cold-drawn zinc-electroplated bar-stock.
Combination of bronze and steel bushings, designed for high load and medium speed applications.
Bushings are oil impregnated for permanent self-lubrication.
Sideplates stamped from low carbon steel with bright polished, galvanized finish.
Rivets and Clevises are Zinc Electroplated.
Safe work load capacities stamped into sideplates in US and metric measurements.
Block Division high quality